The Quest of Sundarbans

There was a beautiful island beside the Sundarbans. People of that island were passing their life happily.  Bong and his friend were living in this island. They were happy with their life as well. They used to play with their pets. They used to go to school. All the people were happy in this island. Suddenly one day pirates led by the pirate leader Jaglu attacked their village. They were looting the villagers and torturing them. They looted everything from the village including domestic animals.

Cookie Monster

There is a cookie island. All the children and people of that island were living happily. They love cookies and the island was full of delicious cookies. But one day all the cookies are in attack by cookie monsters. They were eating all the cookies in the island. Children of that island became very sad with this situation. Then all the cops of that island decided to find and kill all the cookie monsters and save the cookies.

Dove Smasher

In our village, people usually dry the rice in their yard. Dove are very fond of rice. They eat rice from the villagers’ yard. People flew them away by clapping and make them afraid in different ways. This game plays a role of people to fly away dove by smashing them.

War of Submarine

Dipu has a huge fascination regarding underwater treasures. He always dreamed of an expedition of underwater treasure hunting. One day he meets with one of his uncle’s friend who is a treasure hunter and has a lot of experience in underwater treasure hunting. After hearing story of expedition from his uncle, Dipu expresses his deep interest regarding this. In spite of having risk and challenge in this expedition he managed to convince his uncle and also his family.