Inventory Solution

Today’s tough economic conditions and increased demand uncertainty make it more challenging to manage your inventory. A robust inventory solution is needed for optimal management of inventory. Unified Inventory Solution is a comprehensive solution that enables Just-In-Time (JIT) order processing for your organization. As a result, it can minimize costly over-stocking and improve customer service.


  1. Item Repository
  2. Requisition & Approval
  3. Stock in
    1. Purchase
    2. Sales Return
  4. Stock out
    1. Sales
    2. Use for Production
    3. Damage & Disposable
    4. Purchase Return
  5. Transfer one Storehouse to another
  6. Gate Pass
  7. Stock Balance
  8. Reorder/Maximum Order Level
  9. Item Ledger
  10. Supplier wise Purchase History
  11. Suppliers Management
  12. Multi Location Storehouse Control