About Us

codeArrow Ltd. started on 2006 with the vision of developing innovative software solution for global business. We have widest array of technologies and service designed to fit your business challenge. codeArrow is strategically focused on consistent modern technology which can enable you to keep in touch with your business wherever you go. As a company, and as individuals, we are committed to our stake holder to deliver quality software solution with cost-effective manner. Our goal driven project management minimizes risk factors and ensure on time delivery of the solution. With software solution, we provide domain consultancy that enables our clients to optimize their business capability and lifelong collaboration with us.


In 1999 we started a Software firm named by ‘Softeye’ in the view of ‘Integrated Software Solution’ provider. In this fashion our business has improved to generate quality products and services in accordance with our valued and distinguished local and global client’s requirements; whose inspiration and supports are main strength to keep our company growing.

As part of continuous expansion of the business, in 2006 our founder chairman and CEO, Syed Sarwar Rahmaan with the board of directors has taken an initiative to form the firm as a limited company and also approved the new name ‘codeArrow Ltd’. So, from May, 2006 we have introduced ourselves as ‘codeArrow Ltd’ in locally as well as globally. The concept of this innovation includes software and web development, consultancy, research and people skills development.

codeArrow Ltd. could be new for its name but company’s expertise have a decade of experience working in various development project such as bank, Insurance, pharmacy, accounts, ERP automation and many other projects.  Company’s hierarchy is filled with top notch and very talented experts.


To become a leading Information Technology as well as knowledge base service provider by assuring innovative tools, quality products and services for growing target market by next five years time


The world is experiencing an emerging development in Information Technology (IT) almost every day. Its impact on our livelihood is becoming essential. The rapid development in the last decade in both computing industry and its related services has been phenomenal. The information highway has arrived at our doorstep and giving us instant access in the internet is making this IT as global activity. The information explosion and the increasing dependence on computing presents a formidable and exciting challenge for IT professional.

Demands of skilled human resources & ever lasting solution are continuously getting higher days after another. As a consequence of these, codeArrow Ltd. have taken steps to offer skill development services on fundamental issues, concepts and applications on Information Technology. Definitely through our services we will make a person to organization, confident for comfortable access and competitive presence in today’s workplace. Our primary mission is to provide our participants with the best possible knowledge services enabling them to become wise and knowledgeable leaders in global IT Sector and their particular areas of society.

Now the world evolves from being resource-based to knowledge-based, there is increasing demand for people who can use and apply newly developed technologies. At codeArrow Ltd. we are waiting to furnish you with a solid education with suggestion to equip you to think clearly, logically and originally when you design creative solutions for challenging problems that innovation at the interface of society, technology, and the environment.